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Stacy Young


More than just a personal trainer— she’s reshaping lives, one client at a time!


Stacy’s commitment to fitness began at an early age.  Whether riding bikes with her friends, or chopping wood with her dad, strength and fitness have always been a part of her life.  During school, setting records in track & field and competing in gymnastics finely honed her skills and physique.  This dedication to athletics followed her to George Mason University, where she continued her training, taught gymnastics to children and danced with the University’s Dance Company.


Upon completing her education, it was no surprise that she landed in a Healthcare related industry.  For years, she built her reputation as an award-winning professional with two Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.  Not simply content to market products that aided people in the areas of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and osteoporosis, Stacy educated herself on the root causes of these diseases.  Her research lead her to conclude that many of these diseases were preventable, or at the very least, controllable through fitness.


Knowing that fitness habits need to begin at an early age and then last a lifetime, Stacy began volunteering to develop strategies for children.  She incorporates nutrition, lifestyle and motivational elements as part of her services, catering to the “whole person.”  Her client base is diversified and includes children, seniors, people with disabilities, executives, physicians and even Grammy Award-Winning recording artists!


Stacy stays active on the motivational speaking circuit.  She has been featured in “Style Weekly,” “ICON Magazine” and has been seen on “Good Morning Virginia,” a CBS production.  Fitness tips have also been delivered via the radio on Radio One’s 105.7 KISS FM, 106.5 FM, The Beat, WLEE News Talk 990 AM, “Talk” WLKF 1430 AM, in Lakeland, FL, “The Mike Street Show,” and “On Track with Vanessa Womack.”


Stacy Young Fitness is the culmination of years of passion to provide clients with an exceptional product, be it, “Fit Camp,” small group or personal training, nutritional consultation, life motivation, or any number of tailored programs.  Stacy stands ready to guide you through the small steps necessary to reshape your life!

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